Spiderman Slot UK

The Spiderman Slot UK is based on the very famous marvel comic books that first came out in 1962 and have been hugely spawning a series of hit action movie. The Spiderman character in the Spiderman Slot UK is a true star of modern day popular culture and his red outfit is famous all over the world. The storyline of the fantastic comic book series that the Spiderman slot UK is based on involves a nerdy student of photography. The student is called Peter Parker who is bitten by a spider and becomes a human mutant with some wonderful special powers that allow him to develop an alter ego called Spiderman. The Spiderman character uses his special senses to detect where and when people are in danger and rescues them making him a fantastic superhero. The adventures Spiderman embarks on make him a fantastic character and one that shines and players will love playing with in the Spiderman slot UK. Out of all the online casino games UK this video slot presents players with the most famous character and superhero who have had the largest cultural impact over the years. The game is fully licensed by Marvel so features all of the characters found in the comic like Mary Jane and the Venom.

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The visual and sound effects that are used to present the Spiderman slot UK are fantastic and feature the actually comic book drawings by Marvel. The slots visual appearance can be split into three main categories the background, the symbols and the title text. The background of the Spiderman slot UK is fantastic and a visual highlight as it features a cityscape with skyscrapers and helicopters flying overhead. The clever part of the background is that it shows the city constantly changing colours showing it at different times of the day and night. The symbols used in the Spiderman slot UK are excellently drawn comic book animations that represent different characters detailed in the comic books. The themed symbols in the game include the Spiderman, venom, Mary Jane, camera, newspaper and logo. The traditional symbols in the Spiderman slot UK include the A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 which look excellent on the screen. The title text used in the game is taken directly from the text used in the famous comic books and looks great on the screen and in keeping with the games theme. The combination of the different visual effects makes a fantastic looking slot game that players will love.

The sound effects are also in keeping with the games famous theme and feature lots of action noises including crashes and bangs. The background noise is very dramatic and in keeping with the games famous comic book theme where they released a TV series based on the comics. The sounds accurately recreate this television series and sound fantastic. The various winning line combinations in the Spiderman slot UK all have their own sound effect that is played to signify that the symbols have been rolled in. The game play of the Spiderman slot UK is excellent with numerous different bonus rounds up for grabs as well as an excellent slot format. The format of the Spiderman slot UK game is a five reel and twenty five win line game which is very similar to the set up of the King Kong slot UK. This is not the only similarity that the two Marvel themed games have as the style of animation of both games is very similar. The large selection of win lines in the Spiderman slot UK gives the player a large amount of flexibility over the choice of spinning the reels with one and twenty five lines active.

The bonus rounds that are up for grabs in the Spiderman slot UK game are excellent with numerous different fun and very lucrative features available to players. The first of the special features is the substitute bonus which is represented by the Spiderman symbol that can appear in the second or third reel. The substituting bonus can swap with any other symbol in the game except the scatter symbol to create a winning line combination. If the Spiderman symbol in the Spiderman slot UK appears in both the second and fourth reel then the spider web feature is activated. This features means that the symbol in the third reel substitutes and creates a winning line and is multiplied by the wager making a fantastic bonus. The standard of the bonuses available in the Spiderman slot UK are of a very high standard and as good as those found in the brilliant Deal or no Deal slot UK. The variety of bonuses makes the slot game highly exciting and the next feature available to players is the excellent scatter bonus. The scatter symbol in the Spiderman slot UK is the logo symbol which needs to be spun in 2, 3, 4 or 5 times to release a bonus payment.
If the scatter symbol in the Spiderman slot UK arrives on the screen a minimum of three times the special bonus round starts where players can pick from two options. The two options are the venom feature and the free spins feature which both present players with a good chance of winning. The free spins feature in the Spiderman slot UK is fifteen free spins which has the potential to be very lucrative for players. The venom feature in the Spiderman slot UK is extremely exciting and will have players on the edge of their seats.

The bonus works with the player taking on the role of Spiderman chasing Venom who has captured Mary Jane through the streets. The player can either reach a dead end where a consolation prize is awarded or a crime scene where Spiderman catches the criminals and receives a random prize. The third option is that Spiderman catches the Venom and has a fight with him if and if he wins an excellent prize is awarded to the player. The combination of bonuses in the Spiderman slot UK result in an excellent game that players will really enjoy. If players want a try a slot with a different selection of bonuses then the Mega Moolah Slot UK is a good choice as it includes some excellent options.