Red Dog UK

The Red Dog UK game is one of the rarer casino table games available however the game does offer players a fantastic playing experience that is highly recommended. The game is a form of poker featuring three cards and a good level of tactical knowledge is needed to be able to play the Red Dog UK game well. The game is a one on one competition between the dealer and the player featuring a battle of wits which is very exciting. The rules of the Red Dog UK game are very simple and can be quickly understood meaning the player can play the game with little difficulty. The value of the various cards in the deck range from 2 to 14 with the jack = 11, queen = 12, king = 13 and ace = 14. The game starts with a wager being placed and the player being dealt two cards face up which have three potential outcomes. The outcomes include if the cards are consecutive, a four and a five, then the players bet is returned. The next outcome in the Red Dog UK game is if the two cards are of an equal value this then results in a third card being dealt.

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If the third card is again of the same value a winning amount is paid to the player at 11.1, if it is not the spread is then worked out from the third card. The spread means the gap in the value between the cards dealt in the Red Dog UK game, if a 4 and a 7 are dealt the spread is a 3 card one. The player can achieve a 1 card spread, 2 card, 3 card or 4 to 11 card spread. The difference in the payout returned to the player is for a 1 card spread 5-1 and for 2 card spread 4-1. The payout for a 2 card spread in the Red Dog UK game is 4 -1 and for a 3 card spread it is 2-1. The final and most common payout available to players in the Red Dog UK game is for a 4 – 11 card spread equaling a 1 – 1 payout (even money). There is one simple and effective strategy that players can use in the Red Dog UK game. This strategy is that when the spread is 7 or more it means there is a large chance players will win so they should try to raise the bet when this occurs to maximize winnings.

The history of the fun Red Dog UK game goes back to the 14th century where card games were first invented. The origins of gambling go back before this to China in the 12th century where games of chance were played with dice. The countries that gambling was first seen in were Egypt, China and India before the games and ideas moved into Europe. The card games have continually evolved since the 14th century with their main problem being that cheating was so common meaning that games changed to combat this. The Red Dog UK game first got introduced into America in the 1930’s which coincided with the birth and boom of the Las Vegas casinos. This meant that the game had huge success and players loved to the style of play and fast paced game play. The birth of the internet meant the Red Dog UK game along with a host of other online casino games UK were made available for players to enjoy from their own homes. The Red Dog UK game is slightly harder to find online than some of the other casino table games but this guide recommends a fantastic casino for players to enjoy the game.

The Party Casino UK recommended in this guide has an excellent payout rate which ensures that players of the Red Dog UK game have a fair playing session. The casino is also fully regulated which proves that the payout rate is accurate which gives the player good piece of mind. The casino also offers players a great customer support department that is able to deal with customer queries twenty four hours of the day and in a variety of languages. The Red Dog UK game offers players the perfect chance to relax and de stress after a hard day at work as the game is simple but does involve some involved tactical decisions. One of the other card games that players can enjoy if they tire of the Red Dog UK game is the Caribbean Stud Poker UK game that offers players another chance to take on the dealer in a one on one contest. The Red Dog UK game differs from the Caribbean Stud game as it only uses three cards and uses a card spread to decide who wins. The player having the choice between the two games if excellent as it allows users a pick a game that is perfectly suited to them.

The other game that players can select if they tire of the Red Dog UK game is the Blackjack UK game which offers players the chance to play a very simple and fun card game. The game features a one on one battle with the dealer over the race to have a hand of cards totaling the value of 21. The game is a simple option for players who want a fast and fun game playing experience where they can rapidly raise their price fund. The Red Dog UK game is represented online with fantastic visual and sound effects that manage to immerse the user in the game making it a highly enjoyable experience. The Red Dog UK game because of its different payout rates for different card spreads can be a very lucrative game. The overall conclusion of the online Red Dog UK game is that is offers players a fun chance to enjoy a classic casino table game. The game is one that is stooped in lots of history and can be enjoyed from the comfort of the players own home. The game is easy to learn and understand and is therefore suitable for all different types of players.