Mega Moolah Slot UK

The Mega Moolah slot UK is one of the finest of all the online casino games UK due to a number of different factors including the huge progressive jackpot and exciting theme. The theme of the Mega Moolah slot UK is an animal based one that takes players on an African safari where a variety of great creatures are seen. The animals that players can expect to see on this jeep safari through the African plains are zebras, giraffes, buffalo, monkey and elephants. The theme in the Mega Moolah slot UK will appeal to animal lovers as they have the chance to play a game surrounded with some of the world’s most famous animals. The animal related theme in the Mega Moolah slot UK is excellent as it gives players the chance to experience a dream safari holiday. This dream holiday is something only a few people would manage to afford in a lifetime and the slot game gives players a chance to achieve this with its huge winning potential. If players would like a similar game but with a different theme based on a high living lifestyle then they should try the excellent Mega Fortune slot UK.

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The visual and sound effects of the Mega Moolah slot UK that present this excellent theme work brilliantly as the game successfully immerses the player in a great playing atmosphere. The different parts of the slots appearance are the background, the symbols and the title text. The title text of the Mega Moolah slot UK is a combination of red and green colours placed at the top and centre of the games screen. The symbols that are used in the Mega Moolah slot UK are a highlight of how the game is presented as they represent different animals that are found on the safari. This really effectively enhances the games theme and the symbols are detailed in very bright and vibrant colours that look great on the screen. The style of the symbols is a cartoon animation that looks fantastic as they clearly represent the different animals in a comic fun style. The game also includes the traditional symbols 10, J, Q, K and A which are displayed in a clear and concise style with very attractive colours. The background of the Mega Moolah slot UK is the African plains with a large tree and open fields which looks amazing on the screen.

The three different visual elements of the Mega Moolah slot UK combine fantastically on the screen and players will love how they effectively deliver the games theme. The next important part of the slot games physical presentation to players is the sound effects that are played. The sound effects in the Mega Moolah slot UK are excellent and very effectively deliver the games theme to players. The sounds do this as they sound like the winds whistling overhead in the African wilderness which is a fantastic effect. The different winning line combinations in the Mega Moolah slot UK all have their own sound effect that is played to signify that they have been spun into the reels. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Mega Moolah slot UK work brilliantly well to create a very pleasant playing environment for players. The game play of the slot is the most important part of the slots performance as this controls how much and how easily money can be won. The amount of bonuses and the progressive jackpot on offer in this slot is excellent and can only be matched by the sensational Spiderman Slot UK.

The format of the Mega Moolah slot UK is a five reels and twenty five win line game giving players the chance to select from a large number of win lines. The overall aim of the Mega Moolah slot UK is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols adjacently across the win line. The different symbols in the game all pay varying amounts to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table. The first of the excellent bonuses available is the wild feature that is represented by the lion symbol. The lion has the power to swap with other symbols to create a winning line and when this done the winning amount is automatically doubled. The next bonus in the Mega Moolah slot UK is the scatter feature which is represented by the monkey symbol, the player needs to spin in three of these to the screen at once to activate it. The bonus when activated is fifteen free spins which pay the player on a multiplier of three making it an excellent bonus. The most lucrative bonus feature in the Mega Moolah slot UK is the randomly awarded progressive jackpot bonus which gives players a great chance to win a life changing sum of money.

The random feature when activated takes players into a new screen where they are shown a spinning wheel. The player must stop the spinning wheel in the Mega Moolah slot UK where they can win one of three very different progressive jackpots. One of the jackpots has been known to reach five million which makes it an incredible feature for players to activate. The excellent progressive jackpot feature can also be seen in the amazing TV quiz show themed Deal of no Deal slot UK. The final bonus in the Mega Moolah slot UK is the great gamble feature that is available to players after a winning spin of the reels. The players are given the chance to double or lose their winnings on a risky fifty / fifty bet. The combination of the different bonus features makes the Mega Moolah slot UK a wonderful game which has fantastic winning potential. The fun theme is one based on animals and is one that players will really appreciate the chance to experience. The theme of the Mega Moolah slot UK is presented to players through excellent visual and sound effects that players will love. These effects manage to create a first class playing environment that players will really enjoy and will let themselves be immersed in.