Mega Fortune Slot UK

The Mega Fortune slot UK is an excellent online casino games UK designed and produced by the Net Entertainment casino software company. The game is a themed one based on wealth and riches which is a fitting theme for a casino slot game as this is what people ultimately try to win when they play. The high life and luxury living is something lots of people aspire too and this Mega Fortune Slot UK game gives players the chance imagine they a leading such a life. The different luxury living elements and objects that are included in the Mega Fortune slot UK are the limo, piles of money, brandy, luxury boats, champagne, beautiful rings and watches. The various elements remind players of the amazing lifestyle that some people have and this is recreated in the Mega Fortune slot UK brilliantly. The game features an incredible progressive jackpot that could make this lifestyle obtainable for a lucky player. If players tire of this theme then the Mega Moolah slot UK presents an animal related game where the player enjoys an African safari. The games money theme is presented through first rate visual and sound effects that really brings the game to life.

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The visual effects of the Mega Fortune slot UK include the background, symbols and the title text that is presented to players. The symbols used in the game are all different themed items that recreate luxury living, these include the pile of money, brandy and a cigar, luxury watch, power boat, champagne, large ring, limo and bonus wheel. The traditional symbols include the 10, J, Q, K and A which is all presented on the inside of a luxury ring which is a great effect. The symbols are all very detailed fantastic animation in bright colours which look great on the screen and very visually appealing to players. The background in the Mega Fortune slot UK is in keeping with games luxury living theme as it shows a dock with huge boats and skyscrapers. The background also includes palm trees and other attractive high lifestyle items, the colours all stand out on the screen really nicely and creates a very nice looking display. The title text of the Mega Fortune slot UK is a chunky font displayed in a silver colour which very accurately displays the colour of a luxury commodity. The three different visual elements in the Mega Fortune slot UK work really well together to create a very visual appealing game.

The sound effects in the Mega Fortune slot UK play background sound that is very reminiscent of high lifestyle living on the cost of America. Players will remember the music from many hit films that feature high lifestyle luxury living. The various winning line combinations and bonus features in the Mega Fortune slot UK have their own individual sound effect that is played to show that they have been activated. The sound and the visual effects combine really well to completely immerse the player in a great atmosphere. The game play of the Mega Fortune slot UK is excellent and presents players with a great chance to win large amounts of money through numerous different bonus rounds. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty five win line game giving the player lots of opportunities to win when they spin the reels. The Mega Fortune slot UK has numerous different bonus features available to players as well as three amazing progressive jackpots. The three amazing jackpots are the rapid, major and the mega presenting players with huge winning potential. The three different progressive jackpot amounts are constantly displayed on the games main screen for players to monitor.

The first of the bonus features available to players in the Mega Fortune slot UK is the substitute feature which is represented by the boat symbol. The boat has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line combination. The two symbols that the boat does not swap with are the bonus and the scatter symbols. The next bonus in the Mega Fortune slot UK game is the scatter feature which is represented by the champagne bottle. To activate the bonus the player must spin in three of these symbols to activate the feature which is fifteen free spins paying on a varying multiplier. The scatter feature in the Mega Fortune slot UK game is excellent and gives players the chance to achieve excellent winnings. The Deal or No Deal slot UK also has some excellent bonus rounds that present players with a great chance to win some excellent prizes. If players manage to spin in five of the boat symbols across the reels then they activate a massive payment in the Mega Fortune slot UK. The progressive jackpot mode in the game is activated by the player spinning three of the bonus wheel symbols onto the screen.

The progressive jackpot when activated loads into a new screen in the Mega Fortune slot UK which displays a large spinning wheel and presents the player with the challenge of spinning the wheel. The player can win different amounts by spinning the wheel and can also progress through to different parts of the wheel. The inner parts of the wheel in the Mega Fortune slot UK are worth more money and the player can stop the wheel on the ultimate goal which is one of three jackpots. The three jackpots are worth huge life changing amounts of money making the feature highly exciting and players will definitely be at the edge of their seats. The combination of the bonus rounds and the progressive jackpot make the Mega Fortune slot UK a high performing slot game that players will really enjoy. The King Kong slot UK offers a similar high standard of bonus features that allows lots of different chances for players to win. In conclusion of the Mega Fortune slot UK it offers players a fun themed game with exceptional visual and sound effects and numerous chances to win great prizes.