Ladbrokes Casino UK

The Ladbrokes Casino UK is one of the best known brands across Great Britain and is a hugely popular and successful operator. The origins of the company go back to 1886 where the company established themselves as a land based sports betting company. The company grew massively over the years and they became a very famous sight on the streets of the UK with betting shops all over the country. The Ladbrokes Casino UK always evolved with the times at first setting up a very successful telephone betting system before launching online. The company now operates over 13 websites with a presence in many different countries and supporting nine different languages. The Ladbrokes Casino UK is reported to have over 800,000 active customers using the fantastic website. There are many reasons for these huge player numbers including the fact that the casino offers some of the best online casino games UK. The excellent marketing that has taken place over the years has built a strong brand name that has produced fantastic player numbers for the Ladbrokes Casino UK. The customer support that the casino has are one of the best online gaming multilingual teams and provide superb customer retention figures.

The games that players can enjoy at the Ladbrokes Casino UK include a variety of table games, live games, slot games and scratch cards. These are in addition to the other products available from Ladbrokes including sports betting, bingo and poker. The variety makes the operator a one stop shop for players where all of their gambling needs are catered for. The table games available at the Ladbrokes Casino UK include the Roulette, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Red Dog, Craps and Baccarat games. These games all present players with a great chance to play an authentic classic casino game from the comfort of their own home. The games are all presented with crystal clear graphics and very stylish effects that allow players to really enjoy the various games. The scratch cards available at the Ladbrokes Casino UK are a range of exciting themed online cards that offer players with a fun and potentially very lucrative playing opportunity. The live casino option at the Ladbrokes Casino UK is fantastic and allows players to play table games with a video link to a real life dealer. This is hugely appealing to players as they can enjoy the feeling of playing at a real life casino.

The other available online casinos like the Unibet Casino UK have a similar offering where players can enjoy live casino games as well as a variety of slots and table games. The casino has many parallels to the Ladbrokes Casino UK and players will notice many similarities between the two. The main difference between the two casinos is the variety of slot games offered at the Ladbrokes Casino UK where there are many different themed games to choose from. The variety of themed games at the Ladbrokes Casino UK includes games based on smash hit movies like the Tomb Raider, Hitman or Hellboy games. All of the various slot games are available on flash format but if players prefer the slot games can also be downloaded. The games are powered by the Microgaming software company that also provides the tremendous titles that are available at the Spin Palace Casino UK. The Microgaming slot games are fantastic and run off three or five reels and some of them feature excellent progressive jackpots that players will love. The other games also feature wonderful bonus rounds that offer players both an exciting and potentially very lucrative game. The variety of the slot games that are offered at the Ladbrokes Casino UK make for an excellent and very varied playing experience.

One of the most popular and best selling progressive jackpot slot games at the Ladbrokes Casino UK is the Lord of the Rings slot. The Lord of the Rings slot gives players a fantastic chance to play a slot game that is based on the most famous fantasy movie trilogy of all time. Fans of the film will love the slot game as it features cinematic images from the movie and all the famous characters. The game features a progressive jackpot that is linked to other slots in the Ladbrokes Casino UK and is a continually increasing amount. The amount is displayed constantly at the top of the games screen and allows players the chance of making a life changing winning spin of the reels. The other progressive jackpot games available at the Ladbrokes Casino UK include the Mega Moolah game that offers players the chance to win a life changing amount of money. The Mega Moolah game is fantastic as it offers players the chance to escape on an African safari taking in lots of fantastic animals as well having the chance to win lots of money. The progressive jackpot games are a fantastic feature of the Ladbrokes Casino UK as they offer the chance of winning a life changing sum of money.

The other slots available at the Ladbrokes Casino UK do not offer a progressive jackpot instead they offer excellent bonus with the potential to win great prizes. An example of an excellent five reeled title is the Throne of Egypt game that tells the story of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and his thirst for power and wealth. Players will love the way the slot immerses them in the excellent story with super visual and sound effects. All of the various slot games available at the Ladbrokes Casino UK have a very high level finish in terms of the visual and sound effects that are used. If players want to try other slots with a similar high level of visual and sound effects as the games found at this casino, the 888 Casino UK is a good option. One of the other excellent slots available at the Ladbrokes Casino UK is the Winning Wizards game that offers players a fantastic chance to play a game with a magical fantasy theme. The game gives players the challenge of finding the wizard and receiving the spell of wealth and glory from him. The overall conclusion of the Ladbrokes Casino UK is excellent and players will love the different table games, live games and slot games that are available to be played and enjoyed.