King Kong Slot UK

One of the most advanced online casino games UK is the fantastic King Kong Slot UK that offers players a brilliant chance to play with a hugely popular fictional character. The character was first introduced to the world via the big screens in a 1933 movie before becoming the star of the marvel comics and two later remakes of the film. The latest remake of the film came in 2005 and was hugely successful with an army of fans selling out cinemas around the world. The King Kong Slot UK is in close keeping with the comic book interpretations of the character and the story. The story behind the King Kong slot UK is an exciting action and adventure tale featuring a young dancer and an ambitious movie producer. The pair leaves with a small production team their home in New York with the objective to shoot a movie on a far away island about a wild tribe. The boat sets off on this adventure and soon lands on the island where they find a huge monster that looks like a massive gorilla that is the star of the King Kong slot UK. The story also explains how monster is captured and brought back to New York in very exciting fashion.

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The monster at the end of the film is killed by fighter planes at the top of the Empire State building in a very climatic finale. This exciting story is told to players in the King Kong slot UK with a fantastic style and presented in brilliant visual and sound effects. The visual effects are very much in keeping with the marvel comic book animations and present the King Kong slot UK in a fantastic style that players will love. The slot is made by Cryptologic who have an agreement in place with Marvel that they can use animations from there fantastic comics. The other slot game featuring a Marvel comic book star is the excellent Spiderman Slot UK that is also animated with wonderful effects and looks fantastic on the screen. The background of the King Kong slot UK is a cartoon animated design featuring the backdrop of the New York City at night in a marvel comic book style. The background is very fitting to games theme as part of the story is set in this wonderful city. The symbols used in the King Kong slot UK are a visual highlight of the game and feature different characters from the comics.

The symbols used in the King Kong slot UK include the movie producer, the actress, the ship, the spider, and the movie camera symbols. The other symbols included are the skull, movie tickets, handcuffs, airplane, dinosaur, game logo and the King Kong character. These symbols are all themed and presented in fantastic comic book animation with bright and vibrant colours that look fantastic on the screen. The title text of the King Kong slot UK game is a chunky animated font taken from the front of the Marvel comics which looks fantastic on the screen. The combination of the different visual effects looks great on the screen and offers players a fun and entertaining playing environment. The sound effects used in the King Kong slot UK are a variety of different themed noises like monsters roaring and planes flying overhead which are excellent effects. The next important part of the King Kong Slot UK is the standard of the game play that is offered to players as this determines player’s chances of winning. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty five win line game offering players a large amount of flexibility over their win line selection.

The overall aim of the King Kong Slot UK is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols adjacently across a winning line. The various symbols in the game all pay out different amounts to the player and these can be seen in the games info / pay table. The first of the bonus rounds available is the substitute feature that is represented by the King Kong symbol which has the power to swap with the other symbols on the board. If the King Kong symbol arrives into the middle reel in the King Kong slot UK game then the ‘go ape’ feature is triggered. The ‘go ape’ feature is a fantastic feature where the middle reel all turns into a substitute symbol as well as the second and third reel if needed. This large amount of substituting symbols makes the King Kong slot UK turn an incredibly lucrative slot game. The scatter bonus in the King Kong slot UK is excellent as it unlocks good winning amounts if 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the logo symbols appear aware on the screen. In addition to this if three or more of the logo symbols arrive on the reels then the ‘smash’ bonus is unlocked.

The player when the smash feature is activated in the King Kong slot UK are given numerous planes to choose from where they must smash them to reveal prizes. The player will continue smashing planes until they miss three which will end the feature. These prizes consist of mystery prizes and free spins making the feature in the King Kong slot UK potentially very lucrative. The variety of bonuses available to players makes the King Kong slot UK a very attractive option which is highly exciting and potentially very lucrative. The game is available at the 888 casino UK where players can expect a safe and very entertaining playing session. The casino offers players both an excellent pay out rate and fantastic customer support department making it a great place for players to spin the reels. The other slot game that offers similar great bonus features is the excellent Mega Fortune slot UK that offers players great chances to win large amounts of money. In conclusion the King Kong slot UK offers an excellent playing experience due to the fantastic comic book theme and style of animation presented. The slot also has fantastic bonus rounds that players will really enjoy unlocking and playing.