Casino Scratch Cards UK

The casino scratch cards UK offer players a very different challenge to the one presented by the table games or the slot games which certain players will love and find very refreshing. The variety of the different online casino games UK shows a range of numerous challenging titles that different types of players will enjoy playing. The casino scratch cards UK offer players the chance to enjoy a very quick game that does not require any skill and intellectual thinking. The scratch cards first became famous with them being offered in land based shops all over the UK. People were and still are able to buy the cards over the counter and scratch them off to reveal if they have won a prize. The cards have different themes and generally involve the player managing to achieve the games goal of showing three matching prizes on a card to win that prize. The boom of the internet and online gambling meant that these casino scratch cards UK could be offered to players online via the internet. This resulted in players being able to play the various casino scratch cards UK from the comfort of the own home without having the inconvenience of going to the shop to buy the cardboard cards.

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The casino scratch cards UK that are available at the excellent Unibet casino are provided by the excellent giant Malta based software company Net Entertainment. The Net Entertainment Company is also responsible for the collection of excellent themed slot games that can be found at this casino. The casino scratch cards UK that can be found at the Unibet casino include four different titles called the triple wins games. The objective in the four games is to scratch off the nine spaces on the card to reveal different amounts and if three of the amounts match then the player wins that prize. The different casino scratch cards UK cost four different prices which are 0.50 then 1, 2 and 5 and the prizes are various amounts of money depending on the cost of the card. The more expensive that the card is means the higher the prize that is paid back to the player. Each of the casino scratch cards UK have their own pay table which displays the different winning amounts to the player and how many tickets are available with each individual prize. All of the different cards have a jackpot feature which is a huge amount displayed at the top right of the screen for players to clearly see.

Once players select which price casino scratch cards UK they wish to purchase they are taken to a new a screen asking them how many cards they would like to purchase. Once the amount of cards the player wants to purchase has been selected the player can then choose a scratching tool which is a penny coin, a ring or a key chain. This fun detail really adds to the reality feeling that the casino scratch cards UK presents to players. The player once these selections have been made can scratch off the nine boxes on the card individually or select the ‘scratch all’ button to reveal if they have won. The game is very fast and delivers lots of excitement to players where they could win a huge life changing sum of money purely through chance. The four different casino scratch cards UK are all presented in different unique colours which look fantastic on the screen and really stand out to players. The casino scratch cards UK deliver the information with clear and concise visual effects that look excellent on the screen. The cards also have their own sound effects that emulate the sound of a real card being scratched off which is a great effect.

The casino scratch cards UK offer players a very quick and simple betting experience which is perfect for players who are in a rush. The other games available at the excellent Unibet casino include the casino Horseracing UK which features the player reviewing form guides and then betting on virtual horseracing which is a lot of fun. The Unibet casino that offers these scratch games presents players with a safe playing environment through the fact that it is fully regulated by the official governing bodies. The payout rate for all the scratch cards are very fair and ensure players stand an honest and good chance of winning. The customer support department that is available to handle all player queries in relation to the casino scratch cards UK is excellent and will assist players successfully. If players tire of the simplicity of the casino scratch cards UK then they can try the casino Texas Holdem UK which offers a more challenging playing experience based on their knowledge and skill at the poker table. The casino scratch cards UK are the perfect game for players who are in a rush as they are very quick to play and ideal for people who want a simple and exciting betting experience.

One of the other games that players can enjoy online is the casino video poker UK which offers players an amazing chance to play numerous different versions of poker against the house. The variety of versions of the poker game is excellent and gives players a great chance to enjoy a game tailored to their personal interests. The casino scratch cards UK offer a much similar and quicker playing experience than the video poker which is a very involved gaming experience with lots of different rules and tactics to utilize. The overall conclusion of the casino scratch cards UK is that the Net Entertainment cards offer players a very simple and uncomplicated betting experience where players can reach a huge jackpot amount. The jackpot on the most expensive of the casino scratch cards UK has been known to reach over one hundred thousand which is a huge live changing sum of money. The visual and sound effects of the various casino scratch cards UK are excellent as they simply and concisely deliver the cards information to the user. The cards are very simple so if players want a more challenging and involving game playing experience they should try one of the other games on offer at the casino.